Saturday, February 19, 2011

Two New Additions to Shure's SRH Line

Shure is expanding their SRH headphones line with two more sets, the SRH 550DJ and the SRH940.   For anyone that hasn't used the SRH sets yet, you are missing out.

The 550DJ set is a lower end version of the 750DJ version, in black instead of aluminium-esque silver.  On the other hand, the 940 is a slightly better version of the SRH 840.  I really dig the metallic styling and felt ear cups of the 940.

Already owning the 840, 750DJ and 240 models, these don't seem different enough to warrant dropping 300 on a new set.  I love the sound that the Shures provide though, you gotta love that mid contour on the 840, and the deep bass on the 750DJ.

If only I had waited, and I could have perhaps gotten the 940s.  Though, I probably will still get some replacement felt ear pads to install on my 840s.


  1. Woah crazy stuff, you should post more! I like learning about stuff like this.

  2. this stuff is golden for my cousin. thanks for blogging!