Sunday, February 20, 2011

Future Dream Theater Drummer?

The departure of Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater shocked the progressive metal community, well some of us.  Many people speculated that perhaps Portnoy would be reinstated, only to be proven wrong.

I personally think the claims that perhaps Joey Jordison, Terry Bozzio, Neal Peart, or other drummers with a successful musical career joining Dream Theater as a creative force is just silly.  They are great drummers, but have their own style that fits what they play now.   None of those guys really have any incentive to join.

Marco Minnemann of Necrophagist and Kreator was speculated by many to be the lucky drummer in the studio now with the band, but Blabbermouth reports that that is false.

So who do I think it is gonna be?

John Macaluso is an absolutely brilliant drummer that already has connections with James LaBrie.  I think is style would work perfectly in the context of Dream Theater.  He is also not currently working on anything right now, despite his already prolific career.

John Macaluso and James Labrie performing together

The Man tearing it up!

So if it is his skins on the new record, you heard it here first.


  1. well hell yea im glad ill hear it first :P

  2. He does look promising. I'll keep watching to see if you keep us updated :D

  3. Hope it's someone good, I like Dream Theater a lot. Screw avenged sevenfold.

  4. I would be okay with this... I just hope he or whoever joins can spice things up, I can see Portnoy being replaced in drums, but the feel he gave the live performances was also special. We'll see though!